I can’t think of a title

I’m so happy I grew some … you know what…and posted yesterday. It’s seriously a relief to just admit that I still struggle, and I’m going to continue to struggle. The first step is realizing that though…right? Lately I’ve felt like I had to put up a front and pretend to be okay because I … Continue reading

Time to Catch Up…

I’m backkkk. (For some reason as I was writing that I said it in a creepy voice)….my brother will know exactly what facial expression I made while saying it too. It’s seriously creepy looking. Anyhow, long time no blog! At first I felt somewhat guilty for not blogging, but I told myself when I started this … Continue reading

Movin’ on Up!

To the east motivated side! Why do I always start my posts off singing some sort of song? I’m weird as f, aka WAF.  (you can fill in the F part of that…Andy, you will appreciate that one). Anyways, I swear, every time I meet with my outpatient group on Tuesdays I get the punch … Continue reading

All In

I’ve got so many questions stirring in me! I wish I could answer them…so I am going to try. Why am I so afraid of the dark but I run away from the light? (i.e. afraid of my ED and what it has taken from me in the past, and afraid of recovery because I … Continue reading

The Whole Gaining Weight Thing…

Time to get back into the swing of things around this jaunt. Yesterday after we last talked I decided to go for a long walk to meet up with Speeze and get our chat on. She is truly such a great friend. We walked and talked for a while (it was gorgeous outside) and then … Continue reading

Catching Up!

Regardless of having some feelings of giving up on the whole recovery shenanagins, I have been doing some fun things! I’ve been meaning to fill you in on the job front. So, I was offered a position for the summer at a nursing home, (which would be fun! Despite possibly smelling like moth balls…jk..but seriously) … Continue reading

Hit or Miss

Gahh I’ve been avoiding this. Avoiding this blog post, avoiding conflict, avoiding my feelings, and avoiding recovery. In all honesty, I’ve been super busy recently with job stuff. Which is great (yay for finally finding a job and continuing to have more interviews/options!) but that means focusing on recovery has fallen to the way side. … Continue reading

Guess Who’s Back!

Back again. Valerie’s back, tell a friend (Eminem baby, kickin’ it old school). Sooo, long time no talk! I feel like I have SO much to catch you up on, but first I thought I’d share some pics from the vacation! To be honest, I’ve sort of been avoiding a blog post because I wasn’t … Continue reading

Beach BayBee

Yesterday we hit up chocolate Cocoa Beach! Did you know the sand there is legit cocoa? It’s pretty neat. It sure makes the beach smell good, that’s for sure. We found parking after my dad drove around for 20 minutes easily and managed to get a sweet beach spot with lounge chairs and an umbrella! … Continue reading

Relaxin’ All Cool

Yesterday was pretty low key down here in the dirty south. I went for a walk in the morning, listened to one of my new favorite Christian artists (Phil Wickham), and listened to Andy Stanley finish up the series he has been teaching. After breakfast, we spent some time at the pool (well, I laid … Continue reading