Hola! If you have come across this lil blog of mine, WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. I haven’t 100% decided what all I’m going to write about on here, so get ready for random! I love to run and enjoy all things fitness (that does include skipping outside while jamming out to Demi Lovato).

Background Info: I’m Val, a twenty something graduate from Penn State. After graduation, I joined Teach For America in Atlanta. I took a leap of faith and moved to the dirty south where I learned more than I could have ever possibly imagined within 8 months. (AND managed to hang with T.I. and Usher…not really). Not only did I meet outrageously cute kids and meet awesome people from all over the country, but I also realized that I needed help. Help, you ask?


Here is where my blog began 2 and a half years ago. I had been struggling with an eating disorder for about 4 years and thought that I could totally live with it and be okay. It allowed me to feel in control with my life, but in reality my ED was controlling me. So, I decided it was time to start taking care of myself, and realized that having this disease is no way to live!

Shmops and me when I was in treatment.

That brings me to where I am today! I made the difficult decision to leave Atlanta two and a half years ago and moved back to PA to get treatment. Penn State Hershey Treatment Center taught me so much about myself and I can only hope to inspire someone else to get help!  I’ve finally realized to love myself for WHO I AM. Everyone deserves to find this love. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle sometimes, but it’s about learning not to give up. It takes time, dedication and willpower, but I know that in the end it will be WORTH IT.


I can finally say with confidence that I am recovered! That doesn’t mean I do not occasionally struggle and I am still trying to find balance, but it does mean that I am no longer defined by my ED. I’m currently working for an awesome company, have one heck of a man in my life, and am always trusting in God and having faith that if He brings you to it, He will bring you through it. The best way out is through! In addition to moving on with my life, I continue to enjoy fitness while striving for a healthy balance! I love my STEELERS, Chris Farley movies, laughing at pretty much everything, and spending time with family and friends. Thanks for stopping by!

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Martin Luther King Jr.


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