What Had Happened Was

I meant to post this yesterday and forgot. So anyways….let’s do a quick recap of the weekend..

After work on Friday I went for a short run, then Speeze joined me for another 2.5 miles. It was glorious. I love running with people (more so than running by myself). So if you are ever looking for a running partner, you don’t even have to ask me. Just tell me when and where and I’m down.

After our run we played with my niece (Mel) for a little and wound up having a pretty low key night. I had to share this message Joseph sent me. He’s pretty much the sweetest guy ever. Ladies…he’s single. Let me know if you want the hook up.

On Saturday, Speeze came over and gave me an awesome gel manicure! It seriously looks professional. So professional in fact, she charged me 20 bucks! (just kiddddding) She’s the jam. When she finished we went out separate ways and got ready to head up to Harrisburg to visit my brother and his WIFE (I love that I can call her his wife now). They’re moving far away in less than 2 weeks so I gotta spend as much time with them as possible.

Once we got there we hung out while they did their fantasy football draft. When they finished we headed out for some grub at a sweet restaurant/bar only 5 minutes from their apartment. The atmosphere was awesome. The only negative was that they didn’t have Bacardi razz. Why is it that no bar has it? I guess I need a new drink. Any suggestions?

After dinner Speeze and I hit the town and met up with the one and only Lance Robinson. I won’t be surprised if you already know him. (There were only about 20 people that came up to him to say hi). I swear it’s like he is famous or something!? Are you hiding something from me Lance?


Sunday morning I got home early enough to go to church with the fam! My brother and Melody even tagged along. We got some big news Sunday regarding our Church…YAY LCBC! I hope ya’ll had a good weekend. I’ll be catching up again later today. Hope you have a good day at work/school/whatever you’re doing.




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