Weekend Recap

So after I wrote my weekend recap yesterday I accidentally xed out of it without saving. Oops. I was blogging at work, and although I don’t necessarily feel like my blog is inappropriate by any means, I don’t think I’m ready to share it with my co-workers just yet. So, when my supervisor was walking over as I was blogging, I quick closed it out. Hehe. She wouldn’t care, I just didn’t want people to find out about my blog just yet. I don’t want them to know how cray I am…actually, they probably already know I’m cray. I really can’t hide my weirdness. But anyways, you guys are my friends so I don’t mind spilling my guts to you despite embarrassing myself on occasion.

Back up to Friday, I spent the night at Speeze’s apartment. We hit the town and had a one too many couple drinks at our fav bar with our fav bartender Frank. Yes we got a picture of him for the blog. He is awesome.










Don’t worry we got a cab back to Speeze’s. Saturday morning I drove Speeze back to her car then went to got my dress fitted for the wedding (finally!!). Talk about waiting until the last minute…hehe, woooops! I was kind of dreading it. I ordered the dress months ago and was nervous it wouldn’t fit or something. But, no worries, it was fine!










Afterwards I went to the mall to look for some nude colored pumps. All the bridesmaids are wearing nude shoes and I did have a pair of wedges, but when I tried them on with the dress they weren’t dressy enough. So, I found some heels! They are extremely uncomfortable, but they’re cute! Hopefully I’ll wear them more than once hah.

When I got home I was pretty lazy and stayed inside (since it was flippin 105 degrees!!) and watched Walk the Line (love that movie). Then a storm decided to roll in and knock a few trees down in our neighborhood causing the power to go out for over 24 hours. No AC=no bueno. It was so hot.








Sunday morning I hit up church and was pretty lazy most of the day. It was ridiculously hot again and there was no AC so I did my best to stay cool. Oh wait, I’m always cool. Hah. Get it? I’m funnn-eeeee. No?

Monday was pretty slow at work but I was super happy to come home and see the Speeze-i-nator. We had a nice catch up chat and I’m hoping she decides to come to bible study with me tonight (cough, you better come, cough). I’ll check in again tomorrow and let you know how things have been going. Catch ya laterr.


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