I can’t think of a title

I’m so happy I grew some … you know what…and posted yesterday. It’s seriously a relief to just admit that I still struggle, and I’m going to continue to struggle. The first step is realizing that though…right? Lately I’ve felt like I had to put up a front and pretend to be okay because I thought it was expected of me. I want so badly to be a strong role model and inspiration to others who are going through similar situations, but I need to remember in order to do that I have to be honest with myself and recognize it’s not going to be easy.

Anyways, now that I got that off my chest, let’s catch up on life! On to the juicy stuff….I started my new job! That’s right, I am a working woman. I have been working at a mental health/counseling/adoption agency for a little over a month now and it is quite the adventure (to say the least).  I’m lovin’ it because I get to use my Spanish every day and I’m learning a lot. I absolutely love the people I work with which makes it fun to go to work….I couldn’t ask for better supervisors and co-workers.

Other than working I haven’t been doing too much. Actually that’s a lie, there has been a lot going on. My brother’s fiancé had her bridal shower (holy shnikies my brother is getting married in 2 weeks!!!!!) my birthday happened (I’m 23!!) my dad and diane’s birthday happened (they are just old) and my meat head friend bought a boat that is boss! We’ve been going to the ‘lum (Columbia) and boating on the Susquehanna.  So. Much. Fun.  I wish I could share one the funniest stories ever from a few weekends ago, but unfortunately I can’t. All I can say is it involved Mista Tomnis falling and his facial expression was unforgettable. (He only got a minor concussion…kidding, but seriously).


Speeze moved into her new apartment (and it’s freakin awesome). I’m gunna move in with her…(she just doesn’t know it yet….) kidding, but I wish I was! If I could afford it, I would! Rach moved to Mechanicsburg and left us L. I miss her…but will be seeing her tonight so I’m excited.


I saw Magic Mike this past weekend…..I wish it was in 3d…..On Sunday (for my bday) we hit up Tobias Frogg and had a good time! Let me just tell you, Speeze got me one of the best birthday presents EVER. CALLING ALL FRO YO LOVERS…you might just want Speeze as a BFF.  


Too bad though, she’s mine 🙂 She got me a gift card to every froyo place in Lancaster County. No big deal. She’s pretty much genius. Not only is she a genius, but Mista Tomnis is also quite the genius. He took me out for din din and ice creams and got me Tommy Boy, Black Sheep and Dumb and Dumber (and a purty rose). I know, I can’t believe I didn’t own them either…Tommy Boy is only my favorite movie ever…I do have the VHS though. Wanna know something else that is even more embarrassing to admit? I have never seen Dumb and Dumber. BUTTT Mista Tomnis and I changed that last night. We walked to froyo and then watched it. I obviously have been missing out.


AND July 4th was awesome! Crabs, beer, family, corn hole, football, friends, and fun! Now I’m ready for the weekend. Catch ya later!


One thought on “I can’t think of a title

  1. Another creepy similarity……Tommy Boy is my all-time favorite movie too! I also own the VHS, but not the DVD!

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