Movin’ on Up!

To the east motivated side! Why do I always start my posts off singing some sort of song? I’m weird as f, aka WAF.  (you can fill in the F part of that…Andy, you will appreciate that one). Anyways, I swear, every time I meet with my outpatient group on Tuesdays I get the punch in the face motivation I need to get back on the right track (Matt Foley voice). Before I got to Hershey (mind you, I didn’t even want to go) I was thinking about how I could skip dinner and make an excuse not to attend the group.


Matt Foley at his finest. I miss you Chris 😦

But then! It hit me…the non ED part of me said ‘Um, helllll naw girl. You’re going whether you like it or not. You know you miss seeing Rachel squared (since there are two Rachels, whom I love ;), Monica, Jennie Anne and Kylie.’ So, I bit the bullet and got my booty to Hershey.

I had an appointment with my doctor first (ughhhh). Not always a good time. Actually, it’s never a good time. I avoid medical appointments at all costs. Probably due to the fact that Lisa (my doc) is quite blunt and doesn’t sugar coat anything. She tells me how it is, what I need to do, and really just gives me a kick in the you know what.


Once we got in group I felt so much better. It’s amazing how alone in this I can feel throughout the week, but then as soon as I step into group and see that everyone else struggles with the same things as I do I feel relief. Not that I want other people to be struggling, but it makes me feel less cray, ya know?

The motivation to fully recover is something I typically only get when I go there, so it’s nice to be around other people who want to get rid of ED, for good. As Rachel sang quite nicely, “ED’s gunna be somebody that I used to knowwwww.” We usually just talk about what struggles we face throughout the week, pitfalls, victories, aka pretty much anything and everything (positive and negative). It’s nice to be able to let it all out and talk to people who understand exactlyyy what you are going through.

After group I came home and ATE dinner (my FULL dinner) and then went on a long, long walk with my friend. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I missed American Idol!!! I thought it was on Wednesday and Thursday, not TUESDAY! Thank goodness for OnDemand. Instead we watched this AWESOME movie (sarcasm) called Chronicle. Mista T’s got some great taste when it comes to movies (layin on the sarcasm prettttttty thick).

I started my day off yesterday with a long jalk while listening to Andy Stanley finish up his latest series. Oh baby was that series awesome. I want to write a summary of it next. That afternoon I had some errands to run but when I arrived home I got to see this little nugget.


Once Speeze was done with work she came on over for tacos (yum!!!) and we played cards until the American Idol finale!


Can I just tell you, I LOVE Phillip Phillips. (Drooling) Woops!


I’ve been so much more motivated since Tuesday and I’m hoping to stay on this path. If I’m gunna fight, I’m fighting hard. No more thinking about giving up. Time to start climbing back up mount recovery.

Does anyone else watch American Idol?


3 thoughts on “Movin’ on Up!

  1. I love the kick in the butt picture as well! I could hear you singing the someone I used to know quote/ lyric when I read that haha! Now I will continue to anxiously wait until I get a phone call for an interview and until I can leave school to come hang out with you!!

    p.s. where’s maaahh dinnnnaaah! haha =)

  2. YES!!!!! I watch Idol and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Phillip tpp. I’ve been voting for him from the start! SO happy he won!! I’ve already downloaded 3 of his songs from itunes…

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