Catching Up!

Regardless of having some feelings of giving up on the whole recovery shenanagins, I have been doing some fun things! I’ve been meaning to fill you in on the job front. So, I was offered a position for the summer at a nursing home, (which would be fun! Despite possibly smelling like moth balls…jk..but seriously) but it doesn’t pay very much and is, like I said, only a short term position. So, I decided to continue my job search, keep my eye and mind set on recovery and if I can’t find anything, that’s okay! I’ll take the summer job and continue to trust in God 100% in wherever I end up. I have a few interviews this week at nonprofits that could potentially be awesome! I’ll let you all know what happens when I make a final decision. This weekend there was some of this…


Margarita drinking with Speeze..

Actually, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Speeze since I’ve been back from Florida. Andddd by a lot I’m trying to say I spent practically every afternoon at her house this week and the majority of my weekend with her.


Speeze and Coop

We cooked, talked, walked Coop, watched movies, went out to the bar, got froyo, had a lunch date, went shopping, went to a cookout and just a few other things. After typing that it may seem as though I’m attached. Psh, as if there is a problem with doing everything with your bff.


Making pita pizzas!


Spending time with Gunnar at the cookout. I want this doggy.

I was also lucky enough to be splendidly surprised by my brother one morning this week for a delicious breakfast and iced coffee at George St. Café! Soooo yum. I’ll leave out the part where I was supposed to be at the church nursery that morning but accidentally over slept…damn Melatonin. That stuff knocks you out!


Irish Creme Iced Coffee. Deeeelish

I went on some long walks and ate a lot of froyo with my friend. One time it was twice in one day. (I swear we don’t have a problem). I also had some nice runs by myself and jalks here and there. Oh yeah! One night I even got my friend to watch Harry Potter!!! (It is not just for kids). He loved it. Right??


I ran by this horsie. So pretty.

And today I got to hang out with both of my brothers and their significant others. So fun.

Any other Harry Potter lovers out there (besides you Mista T)?


One thought on “Catching Up!

  1. Yay 🙂 Good luck on the rest of the job search. Where do you usually search for jobs? I feel like I’m running low on ideas…

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