Guess Who’s Back!

Back again. Valerie’s back, tell a friend (Eminem baby, kickin’ it old school). Sooo, long time no talk! I feel like I have SO much to catch you up on, but first I thought I’d share some pics from the vacation! To be honest, I’ve sort of been avoiding a blog post because I wasn’t necessarily proud of how I did with my meal plan throughout our vacation. However, I did have some high points!

Like when I ate a CHICKEN AND CHEESE quesadilla!!! Holy yum. Haven’t eaten something like that in a long time. I was proud of myself.


And the time I drank five one to many drinks. But hey, it’s vacation so it’s okay to get a drink at 11 a.m…right?


I was so close to buying this hat, but then realized I would probably never actually wear it.


I didn’t even get to tell you how awesome Harry Potter World was!! Twas so fun!!!!


There was a LOT of this…cards, drinks, and me dominating.


Oh, and on the way home we got a flat tire! No big deal.


We got home pretty late Friday night but definitely made GREAT time. We drove straight from Orlando to Lancaster in only 15 hours, counting the flat tire and stopping for grub!! When we got back I thought I would just fall asleep, BUT somehow I got suckered into going out for a drink with my friends. Turned out to be quite the interesting night. As a group of us were walking back to our cars someone got SUCKER punched right in the face. Maybe if he wasn’t such a meat head it wouldn’t have happened. 🙂 I usually find it quite hilarious when people get hurt (I am seriously messed up in the head) but this time I surprisingly didn’t laugh…when it happened.

I’ll be back soon with more updates! I hope you all had a great week!

Does anyone else think it’s funny when people get hurt? I can’t help but crack up. I love the show Ridiculousness and anything like it.


2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back!

  1. This post made me laugh!!! I love your old school rap! 🙂 I can’t wait to see you at tranny! 🙂 HOLLA!!!! 🙂 Don’t worry about messing up! Pick up and start again…. that’s how we roll! 🙂

    Yes, I do think it’s funny when people get hurt…. I’m not ashamed to admit it…. 🙂 I think its funny when I get hurt!!!!! 🙂

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