Beach BayBee

Yesterday we hit up chocolate Cocoa Beach! Did you know the sand there is legit cocoa? It’s pretty neat. It sure makes the beach smell good, that’s for sure. We found parking after my dad drove around for 20 minutes easily and managed to get a sweet beach spot with lounge chairs and an umbrella! The water was pretty warm too!


Unfortunately, after we purchased the chairs, umbrella, towels etc. we looked to our left and realized that the sky was black. Wooooops! Clouds started rollin’ in and thunder was a roarin’.


Naturally, we decided to go shopping (totally Dad’s idea). Ron Jon’s Surf Shop (the REAL one) is right in Cocoa Beach so we hit it up (and dropped mad dough in that jaunt). We were literally in there for 2 hours. The place is UGE (huge without the H because it is so big).


We all worked up a serious appetite from shopping and were on a mission to find some grub. We passed this froyo place and I was seriously missing my friend/partner in crime when it comes to froyo. It just isn’t the same without him.


After stopping at a few local bar and grills, we decided we would just drive back, shower and go out to dinner. It wasn’t until we got back that I realized that I burnt the crap out of my stomach. Can you say..lobster belly?


It was a unanimous decision for some hibachi!! I<3AsianFood. Dad and Diane ordered Mai Tais (22 ounces to be exact) and I got a dragon berry drink. Holy yum! We all got our sushi, seafood, steak fix and were all unbelievably stuffed.


When we got back to the resort we decided to hit up the game room so we could move around and not feel like blimps. I felt like a teenager at Park City again! Remember that game room in the food court? Fun times.


Today we are hanging around the resort, probz doing some more of this or renting a boat. Tomorrow is Islands of Adventure baby! Harry Potter World…here we come! Expecto Patronum!!


4 thoughts on “Beach BayBee

  1. Glad to c u r enjoying urself. Ur stomach prob doesn’t feel good being burnt. Need to make sure u put lotion on. Have fun at harry potter world!

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