Relaxin’ All Cool

Yesterday was pretty low key down here in the dirty south. I went for a walk in the morning, listened to one of my new favorite Christian artists (Phil Wickham), and listened to Andy Stanley finish up the series he has been teaching. After breakfast, we spent some time at the pool (well, I laid out & swam while Diane, Dad and Krystin played Putt Putt…too hot for me) and then we came back to the room early afternoon.


We had plans to visit my Auntie Lane, Uncle Arnie, Aunt Donna and cousin Alex who live here in Orlando. My great Uncle Arnie is pretty sick so we made a trip over to the hospital to try and cheer him up a bit.


Romantic and financial gifts eh…any takers?!


We spent a good 3 hours at the hospital before we went back to my Auntie Lane’s house to order some Chinese foo! We were all starving and ready to woof it down. Once we left we came back and of course got the cards out so I could kick some butt in contract rummy. I win every time…right Dad/Diane/Krystin ;)?


Dad is so serious. Seriously mad that he keeps losing.

Today we are off to the beach to catch some rays and get sand in my crevasses swim in the ocean. I hope you all have a great Monday!


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