Wus Hap’nin, Wus Up?

What it do mayne? Okay that’s enough of the T.I. talk. Occasionally I forget there are more people reading this than just my brother (who thinks he is T.I.). But, I just wanted to say I genuinely appreciate the advice I received from yesterday’s post! I am going to seriously take everything into consideration and hopefully make a decision soon.


After we blolked (blogged/talked) yesterday we went on over to the beach to ride wave runners! Krystin (my step-sister) drove as I held on for dear life. That girl is cray!! I thought our jetski was going to flip 90% of the time. Good news is, I’m still alive.


When we were done with the wave runners we headed on over to the pool to catch some rays. However, it was so flippin’ hot so we couldn’t bare to just lay in the sun. I had some serious shweat dripping off my bod. And since I know you wanted to see my shweat I obviously took a pic.


Once we jumped in the pool I saw a girl who looked extremely familiar. I wasn’t sure if it was the girl I was thinking of until she came over and asked, “Are you Val?” It was Liz (my brother met her at this same resort about 10 years ago). I couldn’t believe she recognized me and that we were both here the same week (Hi Liz!!).


Eventually, after being toasted from the sun, we came back to our room to make some drinks (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?) and hang out in the shade. Can I just tell you, the smoothie I made for us is unreal. I swear whipped vodka is the greatest creation known to woman (okay that was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture).


In the mix: strawberries, banana, vanilla greek yogurt, pinnacle whipped, and a lil bit of orange juice. DELICIOUSNESS. I even got my dad to try the girlie drink…AND he liked it! In fact, he liked it so much that he spilled it on his white shirt (he wasn’t ticked at all).

Later, Diane cooked a yum dinner for us and we enjoyed it inside since it was ridiculously humid outside. After dinner, we played some contract rummy and enjoyed some more drinks before we rolled out to House of Blues!


We got to mosh see a few bands play at House of Blues and then saw some guitar maniac doin’ work right outside one of the clubs. This guy was amazing! I even got a video of him jammin’ for your entertainment (that I can’t figure out how to put in this post). I’ll post it later.

When we got home I literally jumped in bed and proceeded to pass out like trout. I hope you all have a great day and thanks again for the advice!


2 thoughts on “Wus Hap’nin, Wus Up?

  1. It looks like you are having soooooo much fun!!!! 🙂 So excited to hear what you choose with the job situation!!!! Going to miss you on Tuesday!!!!! 🙂

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