FloRida and Difficult Decisions

Shawty got dem apple bottom jeanssss. Wait a tic, not that FloRida. I’m talking Florida! After 13.5 hours driving and an overnight stop in Savannah we have officially made it to Orlando! Honestly, I thought driving would totes suck but it wasn’t bad at all! It helps that my brother hooked us up with a super comfy van for the trip down (thank you Steve & Enterprise!)

For your entertainment, here are some pics from the drive down. I was sleeping forgot to take a lot of pics but here are the few I have. I’ll be capturing more as I’m down here turning into a Mexican getting tan!


I wanted to fill you in about the fitness coordinator job…and ask for some advice. When I spoke with them yesterday I was told that they really liked me/wanted to hire me/felt I was a good fit (yada yada yada) BUT, without having personal training experience it would be difficult. The majority of the job focuses on personal training and I completely understand where they are coming from. My experience is teaching group exercise rather than personal training (PT). So, she told me that if I were to pursue my PT and lifeguard certification I could reapply at the end of June (they have another position opening up at that time). However, she didn’t guarantee anything (I’m thinking about calling back and asking a few more questions about that).


I also received an offer for a summer position as an activities assistant at a retirement location (starts beginning of June through the end of August). I need to let them know by mid next week. I don’t know what I should do. Do I go for the certifications (which will cost me almost $1000) without knowing for sure if I will get that position? Is this where I want my career to take me? I know the personal training field is a difficult field to be in when it comes to supporting yourself but it is something I enjoy. I need to find a job in the mean time! Or, do I take the summer position to make SOME money and potentially go back to school in the fall for a masters degree in possibly counseling/social work/therapy? I feel like I was meant to help others who are struggling with eating disorders or other hardships. I love to encourage, inspire, and motivate people to live their best lives.  My outgoing and upbeat personality was given to me for a reason and I want to use it to help others in any way I can. I want to comfort, prevent and do whatever I can to be there for people who are too ashamed to ask for support.


I do think that being in the work force for a while and then going back to school can be extremely beneficial. The only career I have tried out so far is teaching in the hood of Atlanta (I did LOVE my kids, but didn’t like pretty much everything else-the politics of education). I don’t know what to do! I keep going back and forth. I’m going to work on a pro/con list to help make it a little clearer. If anyone has suggestions or advice it would be greatly appreciated. I know in the end the only person who can decide is me, but I appreciate hearing what you have to say.


Is anyone else struggling with what the heck they want to do with their life? How do you want to spend your time here on earth? What is your purpose? I want to never lose sight of my values, motives, and what is truly important to me (God being numero 1, family, friends, helping others). When I get stressed out about where I’m going in life I remind myself that all I am-is His. God has a plan and I hope that he uses me, takes my heart and uses my life to share his Love.  I’m starting to let go and beginning to realize that I am no longer my own, but rather all I am, is His. For realzzz…it’s not about me anymore!!

Time to go get my tan on! Chow playas!


6 thoughts on “FloRida and Difficult Decisions

  1. I’m wondering what I’m going to be doing this summer as well. It’s my last summer on this coast, so I’d like to be at home. However, a pretty cool internship is in New Jersey. We’ll see what happens…
    I you have the rest of your life to worry about money. You’re going to have food and a roof over your head. $1000 one way or the other won’t mean much in the end. I’d encourage you to go towards further education, a masters, though. No matter what you do, education will help.

  2. My advice: take the activities assistant position so you can make some money, continue to focus on your recovery, and figure out school stuff. I’m in an MSW program right now–I love it and I am SO thankful for my work experience as well as my own struggles with mental health. (And just a plug–social work programs can be a great combination of advocacy/policy and whatever track you choose–whether it be health, mental health, etc.). Good luck! P.S. I enjoy your blog. Keep on truckin’ 🙂 P.P.S. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about MSW stuff!

  3. Ah, South of the Border signs. We have one maybe 1/2 mile down the interstate from my workplace (which means you most likely passed right by my workplace when driving down 95- we are maybe 30 minutes from SOTB).

    I’d probably get the certifications in personal training. If that’s something you want to do, it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and have them. You know you need them to get a job in that field and to me $1000 for a class isn’t much when you think about how much degrees cost. You’ll easily make that $1000 back in training just a few clients. Plus the certifications are good for a few years, anyway, so even if you don’t use it immediately, you still have it. But I’d apply for the other job too, you could possibly do both and just pursue the training on the side until you figure out grad school :).

  4. Hello dear, don’t worry — I’m having similar problems trying to figure out what to do with my life. I’m very drawn to going back to school to do pre-reqs for Nursing (I currently have a BA in journalism). I’ve had no luck finding a job in the print industry aside from some unpaid internships — and I’m thinking that it might not be the thing for me to continue trying to find a job…I just don’t feel like I’m done learning yet. Being out in the workforce has made me feel like I need more skills….ugh. Haha sorry I probably just made you more confused.

  5. I ask myself every single day what I want to do with my life. I always thought I was so sure with what I wanted to do but life surprises you sometimes. Follow your heart 🙂

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