She Gotta Donk

This morning I went shopping…through my closet. Well, technically we’ll call it shopping from the bins under your bed that you haven’t looked at since college (a year ago). I’m leaving for Flordia (!!!) in 2 days so I needed to go through my bins and look for summer clothing. I got out my bathing suits, sun dresses, shorts, etc and accidentally stumbled upon some old jeans of mine. What used to be too big/baggy now FIT!


At first, I’ll admit I was a little bit disappointed because I remember how big they used to be, but now I can at least fill these babies out! I gotta donk (as Soulja Boy would say).


Yes I am showing you a picture of my donk. It is my blog and I’m being 100% real on this puppy. What I am trying to do here is accept my body for what it is. As much as I want to fit into that “perfect” body image, it’s not going to happen. So, I gotsta be happy with what I got! Donky booty and all.


Had to do a loser duck face photo in honor of Rachel. Soulja Boy is currently playing in the background as I’m writing this post since I linked up the youtube video. My inner thug is coming out in full force. No shame.

I have an appointment with my dietician today (did I mention I love her?) and then have my transition (tranny) group this afternoon in Hershey. I’ll be getting a good kick in the donk butt today for sure. As much as I think I don’t need to be having appointments constantly, like I said yesterday, if I hide from my problems I wouldn’t be facing them. So, here is to facing your problems and accepting yourself for who you are!



5 thoughts on “She Gotta Donk

  1. I’m not going to lie…. the jeans look great!!! 🙂 so excited for you! Your duck lip swag is something to die for too!!! I am pretty sure we should take some swag pictures together at skinny camp! 🙂

  2. I think the jeans look great- and your “donk” is proportionate to your body and be glad at least the pants fit so you don’t have to go buy new ones, you can just wear those and look cute. My husband and I talk about ASSets too :).

  3. Looking HOT in those jeans! 🙂 Are you going to take a vacay in FL?? Hope you have a wonderful time regardless of what it’s for!

  4. Seriously girl you look AWESOME in those jeans! I am so not just saying that either! However, I would suggest getting rid of any clothes that might trigger you…aka “skinny” or “sick” clothing. I had to get rid of some rather nice designer jeans that only fit me at a very low weight. I hated not being able to get into them, but then I realized what they represented. I am not saying those jeans are like that for you, but just offering some advice from someone who totes understands 🙂

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