Done and Done

Day 2 is done. BOOM STICKS. I’m writing this post because it’s rather difficult to sit with these thoughts right now. Yes, I’m proud that I completed my meal plan 100%, but that doesn’t mean I’m okay with it. I’m actually riding the struggle bus that doesn’t stop. I’m already contemplating how I can skip things tomorrow. Woops, did I type that? I know, I know. I’m aware it’s ridiculous and my logical self knows better than that. I MUST remember that the longer I mess with my meal plan, the longer this will take. It’s just FOOD for goodness sake! I wish food wasn’t necessary for survival (JK, I actually like food, I just wish I didn’t feel guilty for eating it). Anyways, I will not give up! 🙂

After breakfast this morning I got ready and practiced answering the typical interview questions. Little did I know I would be slammed with questions that would completely catch me off guard. It was in tents INTENSE!! Not only were there 3 people there interviewing me, but there was also someone on Skype! I think it went well but I guess we’ll find out!


Ready to be grilled

Oh, and not gunna lie, I definitely nailed the curb today while attempting to park downtown. I’m usually a boss when it comes to PP (parallel parking) but I got all nervous, cars were coming and then yeah, BAM (people started laughing at me). ‘Twas embarrassing funny. After my interview I went home, ate my WHOLE lunch (murda) and waited for one of my favoritist people to come over (Speeze, duh). We hung out for awhile and decided to hit up Ruby’s for dinner!


Leftover veggies

And obviously since Ruby’s is conveniently located right next door to yofro we moseyed on in for some sweet heavenly ice creams. I got a little too excited…


Of course I wanted to make my friend jealous so I sent him the above picture. His favorite flavor is tart (what a girl). After sending him that text message this is what I received.


And he thought I was sitting and waiting for the draft. Pshhh…I needed ice creams to get ready for the draft. Speeze and I both crushed our ice creams and then went home. When I got home Daddy-O and I were all pumped for draft time! Just now I wound up completing my meal plan by making up any calories that may have been missed throughout the day. Progress People.


We're weird.

Now I’m tired. Good night!

What’s your favorite ice creams place?



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