I’m Mature

If I keep telling myself that maybe people will believe me? (Thinking about that question for a minute…) Nahhhh, who am I kidding!? Embarrassingly enough I still use the phrase ‘When I grow up.’ Why am I telling you this? Oh, I don’t know, because I enjoy embarrassing myself. When Speeze and I get together it’s like our 13 year old brains turn on and we act like goofballs. Usually it’s okay because it’s just us that are witnessing it but now I’m deciding to tell you. At least we are getting made fun of having fun while doing so!

Bee Tee Dubs (by the way), on Sunday I went to get froyo with my friend (we thought it closed at 9 and left at 8:50. Needless to say he ran a red light to get there in time. Priorities, people). When we sprinted walked in, not only did the owner tell us we had until 9:30, but he also looks at me and says “Geez, I see you here all the time. You’re a regular aren’t ya?” That’s when you know you have a problem. While there my friend and I were seriously discussing where we could open up our own froyo shop. Anyone have money they want to give us ideas?


old picture

Yesterday I went for a 3 mile jog and got a lil very wet (TWSS). It was barely drizzling when I left the house but then it proceeded to get harder (TWSS) as my run progressed (told you I’m mature). After my jog I ran some errands, applied for a few jobs (still haven’t heard back from the fitness job), watched a movie with Diane, and got a call about another interview on Thursday!

After dinner I went over to Speeze’s house. We both wanted to go somewhere since we were bored so we decided to hit up Sheetz. What..you don’t go to gas stations for entertainment too? While we were there we saw something that reminded us of my friend so we obviously bought it for him. Naturally, we decided to go to his apartment, write a note and leave it on his car. This morning I got such a nice text telling me how much he appreciated it! He said I was special and he thought of me right away when he saw it (because I’m so mature).



After our little adventure I came home and was all wired up so I took a melatonin to help me sleep and died passed out within 30 minutes. I woke up around 1 am and was hungry so I meandered my way into the kitchen to grab a snack. Totally normal to go eat in the middle of the night…right? Please tell me I’m not alone.

Today I have an appointment with my dietician (love her) and then I’m heading up to Hershey for my transition (tranny) group. I love the girls in my tranny group (that sounds funny). I’ll catch up with ya’ll tomorrow and let you know how it goes!


Check ya later!

Do you ever act like a teenager? I swear I’m actually a grown-up.


2 thoughts on “I’m Mature

  1. Ah man I totally thought we were going to get away with our amazing idea! haha jk the note probably should have just said:

    ” Hi this is Val and Speeze and we have no life so we decided to leave you a nice juicy beef-stick, I mean hot and spicy pickled sausage!!! P.S. who wouldn’t like a spicy pickled sausage, I know I do 😉 “

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