Chalk It Up

Does anyone else love sidewalk chalk? I think I could possibly like it more than my 2-year-old niece (no, I’m not afraid to admit it). Yesterday I got to get my little kid on and play outside with Speeze and Melody. It was so nice out I could of wet myself of happiness (kidding) but seriously, I was overjoyed.


Melody is an amazing artist!


Notice she wants nothing to do with the chalk. :/

Before she came over I took a jalk and listened to an awesome podcast by Andy Stanley. He has really opened my eyes and heart to what it means to be a Christian. He mentions that the word Christian is only said like 3 times in the Bible and I bet if you were to ask 100 people to define it you’d probably get 100 different answers. Nowadays some Christians think it’s their job to tell others what’s right and what’s wrong (which is God’s job). I know for me that had turned me off from religion for a long time. I believed in God, but anytime I went to church I felt that I was being condemned and told a bunch of rules. In Andy’s message he explains that being a Christian is more than just being a follower of Jesus, but it means to love one another as He loves us. Jesus loves all of us more than we could ever know, regardless of what we have done. Sometimes I can’t even wrap my head around it all!


I think I know what love is. I mean I feel I have experienced love, but when it comes to His love, um that’s a pretty large task if you ask me. His love was endless and somewhat messy! I mean His love comes with grace, but also with truth that can make people feel uncomfortable. There’s tension between the two. I want all the grace (forgiveness), but when it comes to hearing the truth, (AH!) it’s hard to hear it. No matter what it is, it’s hard to hear when I’m doing the wrong thing. I know I don’t make all the right decisions (yup, I make many mistakes) but knowing the truth and receiving the amazing gift of grace reminds me of how awesome God is! It’s like there’s controversy between grace and truth that I always want to resolve but it’s not my job to do so. And end tangent…I just really wanted to share that and recommend any of Andy Stanley’s messages. He’s the bomb dot com.


After I chalked it up outside the Speezeinator, theLawRen and I had dinner and then went out on the town! ‘twas a jolly time that was completely hilarious and random as usual. I did get to use my Spanish speaking skills with some Puerto Ricans which was super fun! I also got my dance on and hung out with some more cool peeps. I say it was a 5 star day. I hope you all had a great Friday and have a fun weekend!!!

Were you ever turned off by a church or even just religion in general?

What’s your favorite childhood outdoor activities!? I loved sidewalk chalk and bubbles. (wait a minute, I still love those now…)


3 thoughts on “Chalk It Up

  1. I’m slightly turned off by church now. I had a very bad experience a few years ago with a church I was a member (except they called it partner) of. The pastor suddenly (I’m sure it wasn’t a hasty decision, but none of us had any clue or hint when it happened) decided to pretty much abandon his church plant, stopped, and ended up going to another local church to be an associate minister there. Of course, most of us who were going to the church plant, which is a term for a new church, didn’t follow him, but he ended up taking all of the leadership’s (*our*) ideas and using them at his new church. A lot of us still don’t like seeing him and some people aren’t on speaking terms with him anymore. It *really* turned off my husband (boyfriend at the time) to where he won’t go anymore, and I rarely go to church but would try a new one. I prefer to just have spiritual experiences like walks or thinking/meditating by myself now.

    Wow that was a ramble. BUT it sounds like the message you heard was a really good one. A lot of people have been turned off by churches but it’s sad when it turns people off from spirituality as a whole, and at least you’re still into that :). I haven’t played with sidewalk chalk in forever and now I want to after reading this! Melody looks so cute out there with her artwork.

    • Hi Amy!! Thanks for stopping by! You’re my first bliend (blog friend) 🙂 I love your blog! Unfortunately, things that happened at your church happen all the time. I remember one time at a friend’s church the pastor was actually cheating on his wife with someone else who attended the church (after that I was def turned off by religion!!) but I realized that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, and that is why Jesus died for us to forgive us our sins. So glad that you commented and stopped by! I look forward to following your blog 🙂

  2. The same thing happened to me with religion but I’m thankful that you brought it back for me and I can now share some of the love for God you have discovered! I really look at my life differently (good change).

    p.s. I miss the days when all of the kids in my neighborhood played hide and go seek in the dark and capture the flag!

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