Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…

Finish the song…I know you wanna sing it! (Stay fresh to death, we the best nothin’ less) So, yesterday I found an awesome website that really helped in the good ol’ motivation department. It’s basically a blog answering a lot of the questions a person recovering from an ED wants to know (a.k.a. the WHY questions). Why do I need to eat that much? Why do I have an ED? Why is recovery taking so long? Why do I feel like I keep gaining weight? Why can’t I quit? Why is this even worth it? Woah, how did those last two questions get in there!? (Yes, I too want to quit sometimes)


The website has solid research answering a lot of these questions. It helps me follow my meal plan and fuel properly if I understand where the energy is going and why my body needs it. It also reminds me that this is a long, grueling process. I mean, when I think about it,  I have put my body through hell for about 3 years so I can’t expect to be fixed overnight. All I have to do is remember to keep moving forward, regardless of taking a few step backs, and remember it IS worth it. I will not stop until I get there! (murda snap!)


Back, back, back it up ya’llll to yesterday where I spent some precious time with a little turkey (Melody, my niece). She is getting more manipulative intelligent by the minute. She definitely knows how to get what she wants. (hmm, smart girl, I should start taking lessons from her…) Maybe I’ll start randomly crying and throw myself on the ground to get an extra Cheez-It.


Not wearing her clothing. Note the cute Steelers onesie.

We went over to my grandparent’s so they could spend some QT (quality time) with the turkey too. She was quick to find my grandma’s shoes and put them on like they were her own (I can see a serious shoe problem in her future).


Last night there was even more fun to be had! I was practically salivating all day at the thought of hitting up froyo with my friend. Bee Tee Dubs, on his way over he said he would be at my house in 8 minutes and 26 seconds. Naturally, I decided to set a timer on my iPhone and what do ya know!? He legit got there in 8 minutes and 28 seconds. (He was probably sitting in his car up the street just waiting for those 8 minutes to pull up in front of my house.)



See! Took a pic of it for ya this morning.

I forgot to take a pic of my froyo but it was heaven in a cup filled with red velvet, cake batter, and vanilla. My friend usually gets fruity flavors with tart (what a woman) but he actually decided to join the wild side and get some deliciousness.

To end a pretty shweet evening filled with froyo, a lil hockey, STEPBROTHERS (!!!one of my favs!!!) and Walk Hard, I even drank some wine! Danielle and Speeze would be so proud. I need to start liking wine since I’ll be going to a few wineries for Danielle’s bachelorette party in June! It wasn’t even a sweet wine and I still liked it (okay, honestly I didn’t like it but I drank it anyway). Oh, and how girlie sweet is it that he suggested a glass of wine? Too bad I don’t like wine.

And I’ll leave you with the murder snap.


MURDA..she wrote. (My friend's rubbing off on me..ew)



3 thoughts on “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…

  1. Hey, I just started reading!

    I’ve seen that website before and read a lot on it one day at work, but I don’t actually follow the blog or anything. It makes a lot of good points, as I’ve found out when you treat your body like crap for a long time, it eventually comes back to bite.

    Your friend sounds super crazy. I’m like you, I’m sure he planned it out and was sitting in a parking lot somewhere close knowing what he was going to do!

    The pics of you and your niece are super cute I might add :).

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