‘Ello gov’na! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend (all spoken in a British accent…c’mon say it out loud, I know you want to). Not much going on over here. NAHHHT (Borat voice). Tons of fun stuff happened this weekend! However, yesterday was somewhat of a blur considering I didn’t sleep much Friday night. BUT I did manage to eat some froyo with my friend (he’s not only a meat head, but also a thug…just sayin’) that was oh, so, delicious. Later on, the Speeze-i-nator and I managed to get our butts up and head over to Wasabi around dinner-time for some sushi!


Back up to Friday when I had my INTERVIEW (eeeeee!!). I think/hope it went well, although the HR lady made me feel a bit unsure. All I can do now is sit and wait! If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. After the interview Danielle (soon to be sis-in-law) came over to check out her wedding invitations that my step-mom (Diane) made. The invitations look INCREDIBLE (she’s pretty much a pro).  Movin’ right along to Friday evening where I went on another glorious jalk (I decided to compromise and call it jalking rather than just walking because we are semi-jogging.) with my amigo. His smart idea was to jalk around corners that had no shoulder while it was dark outside (really smart). It was fun nonetheless!

Jalk (verb) Somewhere between a fast walk and a jog. Often people practice this while crossing roads or while running late, but they’re not really running.

Friday night was obviously a great time and I’ll leave it at that! Today I got to hit up church and brought my friend with me. I love bringing people to church…partially because I can make them listen to Christian rap music obnoxiously loud with our seats laid back on the way there, in the parking lot, and on the way back (there’s some seriously ballin’ Christian beats out there. ‘Joyful Noise’ by Flame..get dat ish).

At LCBC (Lives Changed By Christ) I always feel like the message is directed right towards me. Each sermon can be easily applied to every day life. You don’t have to be a bible expert or know anything about God to feel welcome there. I suggest you check it out sometime if you’re ever looking for a church to attend or just want to switch it up (I’ll go with you)!

Just ate 100% of my lunch (CHYEAAAA BUDDY!!) and plan on wilin’ out today (oh gosh I’m turning into a thug. What does that even mean?). I hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a relaxing Sunday!

What was the best part of your weekend?

What’s your favorite kind of sushi!?


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