Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya

Once again, thanks for all the positive feedback from yesterday’s post. Gawsh you guys make me feel like I’m not so cray. Each time I post I feel more and more comfortable just spilling out my heart. Just wait for what’s in store. So. Many. Ideas.

This Friday I have my second interview for a fitness coordinator position (Now I will definitely be embarrassed if I don’t get it since I have told everyone. Oh wellz!) I’m going to be teaching the other coordinators a Zumba-ish class and some fitness yoga. I’m so pumped, but also nervous because these are the two types of fitness classes I have the least experience with. But, I’m thinking I could totes make up my own thing considering I have been to numerous Zumba and yoga classes.

So, yesterday I hit up a Zumba class at the Y! SO MUCH FUN!! I got so many ideas and also got some great advice from some other fitness instructor friends from Penn State. So, I got to shake my booty for an hour and loved every minute of it. (Except for the fact I got so excited I almost threw out a hip.)


I was trying to creep and get a picture for the blog and realized that taking pictures of women I don’t know gettin’ low was probably semi-stalkery. Welp, what do ya know, I did it anyways! (The chick next to me looked really freaked out. She’s lucky I wasn’t trying to take a pic of her. Hehehe)


After Zumba I headed back home to work on some yoga. I’m just planning on doing a lil warm up and show them my class plan. No biggie! After a much needed shower (showers are so annoying, anybody else feel like that!?) I was off to Hershey! After completing the PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) for 9 weeks, I then transitioned into IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) for 6 weeks, and NOW I’m in the transition (tranny) group, which only meets once a week on Tuesday nights.

The girls in my tranny group (that just sounds wrong…) are a breath of fresh air. It is honestly so helpful to be able to sit down and talk to other girls who understand exactly what you are going through. It is a place that is judgment free and where you can feel comfortable saying anything and everything. It pretty much consists of 3 hours of venting/recapping how the week went. For example, “Does anyone else have trouble eating around family members? Yes! I feel like they are watching my every move.” Another example, “I wish people would stop thinking an eating disorder has to do with food and weight.  Yes, it may start out with someone trying to lose a few lbs, but it is a full blown illness with symptoms that are caused from something much deeper that is going on inside.” I hope they know how much they help me. (Hey girls!)

Did you know today is national sibling day? I guess that calls for a shout out to my bro’s. (Sup guys?) This is Brian. He is weird, like me.


This is Steve. He is even weirder. (Just kidding, we are all pretty freakin strange.) Wouldn’t want it any other way!


But seriously, I love you both more than you could ever imagine. I know I say you’re dirty and annoying but I never would have imagined just how loving and supportive the two of you have been through this entire recovery process. I am sincerely lucky to have brothers like you. I love you both so much (equally, despite loving Brian more as a kid since he let me pretend he was my pet doggy).

Who are your siblings?


One thought on “Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya

  1. VALERIE. Iove how you say you are so weird. We are all a bit..(or a lot) weird. I am such a weirdo i freak myself out sometimes. Member the time we were on the bunkbeds at ur dads house and we were singing to steves Brazilian music?? I was on the top bunk and i was looking down singing a phrase that sounded like “KIIIIAWWIIII (kiwi).” The best part was my cheeks hanging hilariously because i was looking down. We did that for like a whole hour i’m pretty sure. Crackin up the whole time. We were such weirdos. In a good way of course! Love ya, and keep staying strong :):)

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