Parking Citations + Milkshakes

Word of advice, don’t watch the movie “The Sitter.” Yes Jonah Hill is pretty hilarious, but it was just Superbad (haha get it!?) I crack myself up. At least my strawberry milkshake tasted good while watching! For future reference, add in real strawberries and a banana to the strawberry ice cream and milk mixture (adds a lil extra specialness).



I hope you all had an awesome Easter! I hit up another church service yesterday morning (by myself…..someone didn’t wake up) and it was great. I like checking out other churches to see different styles and messages. I went for a short run after church and promptly fell asleep since I only slept for 4 hours the night before.


Lately I haven’t been sleeping well and I’m thinking it’s because I have so much on my mind. Does that happen to any of you? I just keep thinking about where I am going to be working and what not.  I know I have the rest of my life to work and I’m being a lil impatient with the whole job search, but it’s hard to just be still and wait!

Easter dinner was full of fun at my grandparent’s casa! It’s always a good time when my brother (Brian, who is also strange) his beautiful daughter (Melody) and his girlfriend are there (love her!). If you ever want a good laugh, my brother is the person to go to. He can somehow make me laugh by simply saying “it.” Ridiculous. Brian taught Melody to tell me to sit like a dog so now every time I see her she tells me to sit so she can pet me. (Thanks Brian)


And to top off the awesome day, I got a parking ticket while at my friend’s house! Here it is…and I’m not kidding. My friend was actually making fun of my pretty terrible park job and as I was defending myself saying I wasn’t parked THAT close when we saw the ticket on my car. I guess I need to be more considerate.


Ever get a ticket like this before? If not, how about a real ticket?

I haven’t gotten a ticket since high school while driving to my first Steelers game. 96 in a 65….What, I was excited!!! WOOPS.


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