Tryna Do Work

I’m actually trying to do work in many areas of my life. First up, the job search! I have 4 interviews this week! YOWZA. Talk about sweaty palms. Yesterday was an interview at a staffing agency that went quite well. It wasn’t as nerve racking as the typical interview and no tough questions were asked. It was actually pretty fun considering I got to talk about my proudest accomplishments and what I would love to do. After the interview, I got to work on another area, EATING properly! Lunch time it was..peanut butter and banana sammy with a salad and apple! No pic, ate it too fast (I should prolly work on that).

My BFF called me on her way home from work and decided she was going to stop on over to hang out! Before she came I went on a quick 3 mile run and got my lift on for approx 10 minutes before I got bored of it. After she left, it was time to head to Harrisburg to visit my brother and his fiancé. Never a dull moment at their place. I mean, it’s the typical eat dinner, AND THEN a block of cheese and get really tired while watching Dancing With The Stars. What your brother doesn’t do that too? Oh, that’s right, mine is a weirdo. I mean seriously look at him.



We had a fun night and I even got to paint my nails! Danielle (bro’s fiancé) has a plethora of nail polish. I’m not kidding. She might have more nail polish than CVS and RiteAid combined. 😉 BUT I think it’s awesome because she lets me borrow it! So for my interview today I got to have some shweet lookin nails. I even took a close up pic so I could share them with you in addition to my professionalish outfit that makes me look like a mom.


Check it out!

Yes, I forgot to bring a straightener and hair dryer (total excuse I could have borrowed Danielle’s) so I decided to not dry my hair and wear it in a pony. Hopefully it doesn’t prevent me from getting the job. Anyways, the interview went really well! I felt comfortable and confident the entire time. Now I’m back at their apartment and just finished lunch and am now sipping on some delicious pumpkin spice tea! So good.


This pic is huge. Got to show off my nails again though!

I’m seriously loving blogging. I even want to blog more than once a day! “There’s so much room for activities!” Name that movie!!! It’s one of my favs.

I got to try using a foam roller for the first time last night! What’s the best muscle to stretch on there?


3 thoughts on “Tryna Do Work

  1. I love that I can picture exactly how you are saying things and what kind of facial expressions might go along with it hahaha!

  2. Oh Val! I freakin love you! So proud of how far you have come and am going to enjoy creepin on your blog!! You’re the best!!! Miss you- linds

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