I tend to use hashtags while talking to people so I figured it could be appropriately used in the title of today’s post. I’ve also been overusing the term ‘cray’ and seriously need to move on. Currently, my palms are sweating because I just took a few assessments for an interview that I have at 1:00 today. I didn’t think they were all going to be timed, require a calculator, pen and paper. Yup, I was scrambling around like scramble with friends (that was a terrible joke).

Back, back, back it up ya’ll (I was literally just singing that as I was typing) to yesterday. After I posted I headed over to my friend’s house for an awesome/challenging dinner! Tuna, tortellini, and salad! The tuna was so moist and delicious. I was impressed with his cooking capabilities. Now I need to somehow one up him without relying on a microwave (this could be a disaster).



Not going to lie, I had some trouble with the tortellini. It is weird to actually admit and now I’m sharing this with whoever reads. Most people would find it ridiculous and silly to be afraid to eat something, but it is what I go through on a daily basis. Someone else with an ED will know what I’m talking about! Despite being afraid, my friend got mad at me and said I should try and eat more. So, after a battle and being threatened with a scary face, I did! #proudofmyself



After dinner I met up with the love of my life (no it is not a boyfriend) Speeze! She’s my girl. But actually that isn’t what I was referring to when I said love of my life. I was referring to where we went. We had some QGT (quality girl time) and got FROYO!!! 2 loves of my life together = 1 happy Valerie!


Forgot to take a pic before I already ate my delicious concoction of PB, Cake Batter, Cookies & Cream, and Red Velvet yogurt. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Now on the the #CRAY part of the noche (ps I majored in Spanish and like to throw in a few Spanish palabras) Speeze and I were discussing a lil something and what do ya know!? That something was then located at FroYo. #CRAY. Both of our faces turned red. ‘Twas funny. There’s nothing better than spending some time with the Speeze-i-nator. Time to get ready for my interview and then off to Harrisburg tonight to visit my bro and my fav. soon to be sis-in-law! Check ya later.


2 thoughts on “#CRAY

  1. So I am confused by your post, am I the love of your life or not?!? hahaha silly woman!

    I think I will probably comment on all of your blogs…I would continue to read and comment but I must get out of school and get home!!

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