Family Matters (I love using parenthesis)

When I get down on myself for where I am in the whole ‘recovery’ process, I think back to October and remind myself how far I’ve come. Days like yesterday, spent with extended family, were enjoyable rather than full of anxiety and fear. Seriously, this makes me so happy and is an awesome reminder that this will take time, but it truly does get better! (read: must remember to be patient!!!)

Rewind to yesterday. D squared (dad & step mom), K (step-sis) and I went to the birthplace of Jesus (Bethlehem) to visit my Aunt and Uncle. We got to see my cousin rock out in his spring concert and I was seriously impressed. Both of my cousins are incredibly musically talented. I like to brag about them. My whole family is actually musically talented. What happened to me!?

It was so fun to be able to hang out and enjoy the company without having constant underlying fears. I truly have an awesome supportive family and couldn’t ask for anything more. We didn’t get home until after midnight and I was ready to hit the hay!

This morning I listened to an awesome message from Andy Stanley <–if you want to check it out, which is always a great way to start off my day. (PS HOW DO YOU ADD A LINK? I’m new at this). After listening to his message I met up with a good friend from college (Andy) who now lives in Philadelphia. He was driving through Lancaster so we got some coffee and quality chatter time. It was nice to catch up and hear about how horrible being a grown up is (kidding). But seriously. I sometimes get frustrated that I’m unemployed, but in reality, I should be thankful that I have all this free time to get myself better, help other people, and just learn to be. I know a lot of people would like to have this opportunity, so it is definitely a reminder to be thankful that I have a supportive family helping me along this journey.

Once I got back, I ate another…crunchy PB sandwich (surprise, surprise!) along with a juicy apple. After lunch, it was time to hang out with another amigo and get some fresh air. We went for a nice 5 mile walk/run and talked about all things nonsense. He is quite the character. I should have brought my phone to take pics! I’ll remember to later snap photos later on, promise!

I just got off the phone regarding an AMAZING job opportunity to be a fitness coordinator. PRAYING hard that I do well at the interview on Thursday. I’m so excited and blessed! Off to shower…maybe. P.S. I died my hair black yesterday! However, I missed a few chunks. Here’s a pic (ignore the ‘I just went for a walk/jog and haven’t showered since Friday look).


What would be your dream job?


3 thoughts on “Family Matters (I love using parenthesis)

  1. My dream job is anywhere near you! HAHA! No but seriously. So as I am reading all of your blog posts and commenting on EVERY single one of them I got to thinking….anyone seeing my comments is going to think I am a crazy stalker and like the ladies…..but really it’s just that I’m a big fan of my best friend. I crack myself up! ha.

  2. Not musically talented what? .? .? No one sings taking back Sunday like you! Miss ya love ya. Enjoy your ‘you time’. I’m enjoying mine. It’s so important in life!

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