Posted in April 2012

If Your Life Was A Movie….

What kind of story would you tell? Would people want to watch your movie? At some point in all our movies we will feel beat down, sold out, and all alone. I wish I could say this past week has been nothing but positive but that would be a lie.  To be honest, I have … Continue reading

Scenes From The Weekend

    Hope you had a great weekend! I’ll catch up tomorrow with how the whole following my meal plan is going! What was the best part of your weekend?  

Done and Done

Day 2 is done. BOOM STICKS. I’m writing this post because it’s rather difficult to sit with these thoughts right now. Yes, I’m proud that I completed my meal plan 100%, but that doesn’t mean I’m okay with it. I’m actually riding the struggle bus that doesn’t stop. I’m already contemplating how I can skip … Continue reading

Cha Cha Changes

Remember that song by David Bowie? Here’s a picture of him if you forget what he looks like. Anyways, back to the title of this post. Change is hard!! However, if you don’t change anything, nothing will change. For too long now I was thinking I would be able to make these negative thoughts about … Continue reading

Difficult Climb-Mount Recovery

After screwing with my body for almost 4 years it’s now officially rebelling against me. I’ll call it karma. I’m going to be 100% honest here and let you know this is not easy. Truthfully, recovery is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life. My doctor continually reminds me if … Continue reading

I’m Mature

If I keep telling myself that maybe people will believe me? (Thinking about that question for a minute…) Nahhhh, who am I kidding!? Embarrassingly enough I still use the phrase ‘When I grow up.’ Why am I telling you this? Oh, I don’t know, because I enjoy embarrassing myself. When Speeze and I get together … Continue reading

If I Ruled The World

I’d take away all the ridiculous media influence to look a certain way and make a law against comparing yourself to this impossible standard (totally practical 😉 ) People wonder why eating disorders/disordered eating/food rules began. I can tell you that eating disorders can sprout from many reasons including damaging family or friend influences, feelings … Continue reading

Chalk It Up

Does anyone else love sidewalk chalk? I think I could possibly like it more than my 2-year-old niece (no, I’m not afraid to admit it). Yesterday I got to get my little kid on and play outside with Speeze and Melody. It was so nice out I could of wet myself of happiness (kidding) but … Continue reading

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…

Finish the song…I know you wanna sing it! (Stay fresh to death, we the best nothin’ less) So, yesterday I found an awesome website that really helped in the good ol’ motivation department. It’s basically a blog answering a lot of the questions a person recovering from an ED wants to know (a.k.a. the WHY … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning. Heart Addition.

“You don’t really need someone to complete you, you only need someone to accept you completely.” I saw this quote yesterday and it was like someone slapped me across the face. Slapped in a good way of course (that is, if someone can slap you in a good way? Wait, don’t answer that…). Throughout the … Continue reading