Should I, or Shouldn’t I?

Considering it has been months since I actually created this blog, I think it’s time that I start BLOGGING. What has taken me so long? Oh, I know, I was nervous that it wouldn’t be perfect and people wouldn’t like it. WELP, changed my mind! I realized there is no perfect blog and why be scared of something that doesn’t even exist. If someone wants to read, that’s sweet! If no one reads, that’s sweet too.

I hope to use this blog as a place where I can truly write about whatever I’m feeling. Whether it has to do with my crazyness, fitness, food, my awesome friends, or family, I plan on being 100% honest on here. That’s when blogs get juicy and entertaining anyways. Oh, and when people post delicious recipes, but hey, honesty can be juicy too.

I also think it will be really cool when I can look back on old posts and see what the heck I was thinking/feeling/doing throughout this transition in my life. Anyways, enough of this thinking about blogging. It’s just time to get on with it!

Enough pondering...

So on this fun little Thursday morning I can begin my blogging adventure! It starts off on a positive note sine I ate a delicious apple and peanut butter toast (CRUNCHY PB just to be clear). Yes, it was uncomfortable. Yes, I wanted to chuck the toast across the room. No, I did not throw it because it would make a mess. But, if I ever want to fully recover, it’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Here we go!

Suck it up and eat it!

Time to go for a walk/run/frolick around the hood in my NEW kicks! Welp, SEE YA LATER!

I am weird.


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